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About us

In over 25 years of experience in the field of social tourism, we gained experience in organizing holidays for families, as well as numerous or in situations of disadvantage, teens, sports and religious groups. We strongly believe that tourism is a right for all, why do social tourism means respond to a social need, is a way of life, is a choice of value on the part of the institution that organizes and which is engaged, including through the holiday, in the development of social ties, to create opportunities for cultural enrichment, promotion and exploitation of resources of the territory.

From our statute

[...] The company, with no speculative purposes, it is proposed to operate in the field of social assistance, tourism and leisure in General. In particular the company offers:
  • to perform any activity intended to raise awareness on information and training plan on the theme of social assistance, civil economic, including seminars, residential resorts
  • task management service, including the management of climatic colonies, holiday homes, hostels and hotels, especially for families, people with disabilities, and persons in need of assistance in kind
  • studythe promotion, implementation and coordination of various charitable initiatives, including welfare management tasks of welfare
  • character to operate in parallel with educational institutions, sporting and social tourism, for all aspects pertaining to complementary activities related to physical, moral training and youth
  • cultural management of all tourist accommodations in social character (youth hotels, holiday homes, hostels, leisure centres), of holiday villages and of factory interiors for guests